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Let me reveal a secret about one good strategy how to boost your Internet business or any other project using the well-known video hosting Youtube. I’m guessing most of you think that advertisement of high quality costs a lot of money. Well, you’re half right. But also you can pull ahead at little cost.

Where to start? We need to make a fascinating video overview, where the main point of the project is described vividly and reasonably. It means that we intrigue out future viewer from the first shots of the film. Our purpose is to capture the attention of users, don’t let them go until they see at least the quarter of the video material. What will it be, whether slogan or description of the company’s activity, I think you will decide for yourselves.

The next thing. Your first video should be extremely short to boost it successfully on Youtube. It’s easy to explain. I think experienced viewers already know Youtube index WATCH TIME. It shows an average duration of the video in percentage and is considered to be an important factor, which helps the channel to gain an authority in the eyes of Youtube community.

It’s easy to figure out that the higher is WATCH TIME in percentage, the sooner you’ll have an opportunity to enhance the position among the newcomers as you are. It means that viewer has to see it longer than the competitors’. We all are lazy by nature, and will see the five-minute video with greater pleasure than the same spread over half an hour. It should be compulsory taken into account as it’s important WATCH TIME doesn’t show the rate lower than 50 per cent.

Beginning the promotion action, don’t grudge the time for examination of your competitors’ channels. Notice how actively people like, share and comment on videos. You have to beat your rivals on each of these indicators. Why it’s necessary, I think it’s clear. The more the audience behave on your channel, the faster the status of your offspring is growing. Keep this activity in all possible ways, thank, argue and provoke people to discuss the video.

Further. Links to social networks. You can’t go on without them. Someone tweeted, reposted your video and then the first viewing came. In general, it’s very good, if the views in the first night will be not less than 300, then they will continue to grow like a snowball. But it requires an initial speedup, a small but very powerful. Otherwise, you will have dozens of views and one subscriber for six months or more. In other words, your advertising campaign also requires advertising, pardon the pun J

Where could be the video promoted if not on social networks? All the people is now sitting there. Therefore, tweets, likes and shares are the most desirable thing to support your channel. I will not intrigue anymore and just give a link where you can find all the necessary information.

Well, that’s all. If you have any questions, the link above will help to answer them. I wish you good luck and prosperity to your channel on YouTube.


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